Among Us Updates To Bring Hide And Seek Mode Plus New Colors, Skins And Roles

It is a fast pace online or offline LAN multiplayer game where you need to eliminate opponents and be the last one standing. After the recent PUBG Mobile ban in South East Asia, Among Us is a go to game for many YouTubers as well. 2021 has proven to be a very busy year for the developers of Among Us. Their recent update, which included the latest map called The Airship, received praises from players all over the world. It’s currently the largest map in Among Us, and it offers tons of excitement since it includes more tasks and 17 new locations.

  • They appreciate the Add Friend option and the feature where they can now club with more people.
  • The Scientist can check the crew’s vitals at any time, which is valuable for tracking the action of a map and stopping Impostors early.
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Hd Among Us Crewmate Purple Character With Police Hat Png

There are also Cosmicubes, which look like elaborate branching cosmetic trees. Among Us will have a storefront now, full of hats, skins, pets, visors, nameplate panels, and bundles that include multiple cosmetics. Playing the game gives players XP, pods, and beans. Beans are a free-to-play currency that unlocks store items, or players can spend real money on stars for immediate unlocks.

If the two of you are seen together, then it will be a dead giveaway that one of you is the imposter. The Shapeshifter is the only new role given for the imposter team, but is also the most tactical and comes with tons of potential. The main idea is that the Shapeshifter can copy the appearance of any other crew member in the game for a duration of time. The crew member has to be alive to copy them and is very obvious if someone is around to see you do it. Account Reset Bug– we know this has been happening to a fair number of you, and we hope that the changes to account linking should resolve this.

Fans of Among Us can look forward to more future updates. Innersloth says it has plans to add a new map, roles, and other gameplay features. The studio is also working on making Pods and Beans earned on Nintendo Switch sharable across most systems. Additionally, as previously mentioned it plans on releasing Among Us console ports in the near future.

【how To Play Among Us On Pc】

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Moreover, Among Us has four different maps available, with Airship being the latest. Furthermore, each map is unique and contains many different rooms and tasks to complete. InnerSloth promised that it is working on new content that will be added to popular multiplayer title “Among Us.” These include a new map as well as new features. An update released by accident, however, indicates that the developers are preparing more things for fans. You can now level up and earn red beans by playing the game. Beans can be used as in-game currency to purchase items to customize your character.