Why Is Crypto So Volatile? Factors & Reasons

Controlling 40% of the entire crypto market share, Bitcoin is the world’s largest digital asset. Due to the token’s control over the cryptocurrency space, most of the largest altcoins perform similarly to the price of Bitcoin. As a result, it could be worth checking out the project now to take advantage of its comparative discount. Volatility is synonymous with cryptocurrencies, as this digital asset class regularly faces extreme upwards and downwards movement. However, many investors adopt a high-risk strategy in hopes of receiving higher rewards by trading the most volatile cryptos.

Since the year 2022 is a bear market, the price of BCH has come off together with other major cryptos. Nonetheless, this still gives traders opportunity to earn by shorting it as its price saw a big downward move between May to July. Originally known as MATIC network, Polygon had a change of fortunes after a name change in February 2021. To not confuse its community, the team decided to keep the ticker and name of its native token as MATIC. After the name change, the price of MATIC rose from under $0.002 to a high of $2.40 before plummeting to a low of $0.69.

Of course, volatile assets are unpredictable and in crypto markets, there’s the potential to lose money just as quickly as you can make it due to extreme price volatility. Random events such as exchange hacks, whales selling, or even negative tweets can, and do, lead to huge waves of panic selling that result in sizeable losses. One of the most crypto volatility important steps that investors can take to increase the odds that crypto’s volatility works in their favour is learning how to do thorough research before investing in any digital asset. Aware that so many hedge funds and venture capital companies have opened their hearts, minds and wallets towards crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

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However, once the bubble burst, the price of EthereumMax rapidly plummeted 97%. InvestorsObserver gives Citadel a high volatility rank of 86, placing it in the top 14% of cryptos on the market. “Bitcoin has done a lot of good in the world,” Lonsdale said previously. “It’s helped people get money out of Russia, out of Venezuela, out of China. It allows more kind of liberty for the financial system from really bad-acting governments.”

While all cryptos are volatile, broadly speaking, the newer the crypto, the more volatile it is due to a lack of knowledge on the crypto as well as a lower trading volume. A lower trading volume can result in heightened volatility as it takes less funds to move the price of the crypto, which may lead to an increase in dump and pump schemes. As one of the earliest payment cryptos, Litecoin, just like Bitcoin, needs no introduction. During the 2017 bull market, LTC had just an impressive a run like DASH.

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So, little-crypto-riding-hoods, stop worrying about why crypto is so volatile and start your crypto investment journey embracing the volatility like a pro. DO NOT invest in any cryptocurrency just because someone told you to do so. Let’s understand in detail how both of these factors affect crypto volatility. Again, when China banned all crypto mining-related activities in 2021, there was a significant drop in cryptocurrency prices. For example, Vox cites a fascinating graphic on “The Musk Effect,” or the phenomenon of how strongly the value of Bitcoin is affected by Elon Musk’s tweets. If it makes you nervous that one person’s Twitter account has a huge influence over the value of your investments, good.

Even with volatile investments, a good, diversified portfolio has the potential to be a good investment. There’s a lot of uncertainty and volatility after a cryptocurrency reaches its ATH. After Bitcoin crossed $70,000, many investors thought the token would reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. Dogecoin has emerged as one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies in the last few years.

You get higher risk projects listed on exchange, thus they are more prone to volatility than stock market with more mature projects in trading. In many ways the crypto market is more like a venture market in terms of risks and the stage of product development but unlike the venture market these projects do have their listing on crypto exchange. So you get higher risk projects listed on exchange, a thus they are more prone to volatility then stock market with more mature projects in trading. Thus, stocks are commonly way more stable and usually do not suffer from extreme price volatility, nor do they experience huge price fluctuations like cryptocurrencies. It is like that and what the roots of all these swings and rallies are that one might see when checking the price chart of almost any cryptocurrency out there on the market.

Bitcoin – Largest Cryptocurrency to Invest in

As this asset class evolves and matures, it is likely that we will see reduced volatility in the future. Influencers, businesspeople, and financial experts are all talking about this new way of investing. While the information on your social media feeds or even the news may not always be correct, it is influential. Cryptocurrencies have proven to be profitable investments for traders that have entered the market at the right times.

  • This lawsuit caused many US exchanges to delist XRP, causing it to miss the bull market of 2021.
  • For example, Battle Infinity’s IBAT provided 7x returns throughout its presale and PancakeSwap launch.
  • However, BTC regularly faces major price corrections on a yearly basis.
  • CTL’s high volatility reading is coupled with a low reading on the Risk/Reward Gauge, meaning that the coin has relatively wide price swings and is well protected from price manipulation.
  • It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies are a particularly volatile asset class.
  • Originally known as MATIC network, Polygon had a change of fortunes after a name change in February 2021.

Recently, LBLOCK launched a new token version – an ERC-20 token more easily listed on centralized exchanges . The V2 token also charges no transaction fees, making it beneficial for investors. On the other hand, the V1 token is a BEP-20 protocol which attracts a 12% transaction fee. After its presale, the price of TAMA exploded by nearly 2,000% to an all-time high of $0.194, but is currently trading at around $0.015 amid the wide crypto struggles.

FTX US’s former boss Brett Harrison said he’ll ‘share in time’ what he knows about the collapsed crypto exchange

It has already impacted the crypto market and it is unclear when, and what is more important, how this war will end. For now, if we look at all these events strictly from the cryptocurrency market position, everything looks gloomy. However, some experts believe that the situation is not that bad and we might expect crypto market growth during this year. The limited supply of many cryptocurrencies can contribute to their increased volatility, especially when large holders — often called whales — hold a large percentage of the circulating supply. When whales buy or sell significant quantities of a particular asset it can send its price soaring or tumbling.

This acronym is used to describe the spread of disinformation and attempts to influence market sentiment, thus fueling price swings. Depending on the cryptocurrency, what those payments are used for may vary from general use in the Digital Money sub-class to more specific uses in some other sub-classes. Investor Joe Lonsdale said blockchain technology still has many clear uses despite the volatile year for crypto. In contrast to most financial exchanges, cryptocurrencies operate on a 24/7 basis.

Being one of the best play-to-earn games on the market, the project features a wide variety of different ways to earn. Players can build and monetize games, event halls, and museums, but that’s not all. Robot companions crafted using in-game resources can be sold on the in-built NFT marketplace for crypto and the TARO token can be staked for rewards. Ethereum, or any crypto asset, is volatile because of the newness of the asset class. But if compared with other smaller cryptos, Ethereum is relatively stable.

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By January 2021, it had reached $340 and took a few months to peak to $1635 in May. Like major cryptocurrencies, it then retreated to more than half of this peak value. News about the expansion of BCH service in PayPal along with the foundation of the Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust positively impacted the price reaching the level above $800 in September, 2021.

This feature allows you to buy cryptocurrencies even without having to visit our website. You will still have the same amount of coin to trade with when it rebounds. By doing this, you will be able to transact even if there is a sharp fall in price. This is an interesting phenomenon which could potentially serve as an opportunity for investors who are able to predict and profit from these fluctuations. For example, when China banned ICOs in late 2017, the price of Bitcoin fell from $4,584 shortly before the announcement to around $4,350.

Please have a look at the guide we painstakingly put together for you above to decide which crypto you think have the most potential. As another fork of Bitcoin, BTG similarly appears to have passed its hay days. However, it may be too soon to discount the token as BTG has performed exceptionally well this year.

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To anticipate potential market moves, he utilizes a fusion of both fundamental and technical analysis. Michael is the founder of the trading educational website TradingBeasts and also writes for CoinSpeaker, FX Empire, Equities, DailyForex and TalkMarkets. This means that a trader can potentially rake in massive profits within a short time. However, a trader can lose massively if they are caught on the wrong side of the trade. Therefore, it is useful to know when the price is more likely to exhibit seismic movements. Currently, there is about 18.7 million Bitcoin in circulation out of the 21-million limit.

Immature Markets

There is no need for accountants, trading licenses, or large starting capital. Low barriers and the absence of requirements have led to a sudden influx of inexperienced traders and investors into crypto markets who do not have much expertise in long-term investing. Investors can try assessing the historical price performance of digital assets when looking for volatility. For example, Bitcoin is one such cryptocurrency which provides large price corrections following highs. The very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been known to the world since 2009. It’s been only 13 years, and the technology is still in its early stages of development.

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It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies are a particularly volatile asset class. Huge ups and downs that would be considered major upheavals in traditional financial markets are regular occurrences in crypto. While most investors know that cryptocurrency prices fluctuate, the reasons for this extreme volatility are often less well understood. This guide examines crypto’s variability and the factors that create price volatility, to help investors better judge the risks and opportunities crypto presents. The most obvious benefit of crypto volatility is the potential for crypto investors to make huge profits relatively quickly.

Though institutional adoption of crypto is increasing, derivative products and other ways of hedging are still in their early stages, so investors are constrained in how they manage their exposure to crypto. In an intricate global economic network and an increasingly connected planet, current events in one geographic area can impact investors elsewhere. Uncertainty and economic crises not only affect the price of resources and the weight of traditionally traded money , but they also hit cryptocurrency.

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However, London and Asia stock trading sessions may have a smaller impact on Bitcoin than New York sessions do. While the volatility is supposedly lower on Saturday, this does not mean you should disregard the weekends. For instance, on the first Saturday of the year , when people were still celebrating the new year, Bitcoin’s price was having the time of its life.